About Lesley Heller


Lesley Heller Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in New York’s Lower East Side which primarily highlights the work of mid career process-based artists.

Lesley Heller opened her first gallery—The Workspace—in SoHo in 1994. The Workspace operated for ten years and featured curated group exhibitions by early and mid career artists. In January 2006 Lesley moved to the Upper East Side and reopened as Lesley Heller Gallery in a brownstone on East 92nd street.  The gallery focused on presenting solo exhibitions in a residential salon style setting. In 2008 the gallery moved to 77th street where it operated for the next two years. 

In January 2010, the gallery relocated to the then-emerging Lower East Side gallery district and was renamed Lesley Heller Workspace. This change reflected the addition of guest-curated exhibitions to the program of solo shows, presented concurrently in separate spaces within the gallery. Lesley Heller Workspace operated with this program from its opening on the Lower East Side through the end of 2017. 

In 2018, after 8 years the gallery ended its full time guest-curatorial program to focus primarily on presenting solo exhibitions by noteworthy artists.