Art Career Coaching with Lesley Heller


Artists need to understand the perspectives of galleries, curators and collectors as well as the business aspects relevant to building their careers--that is what I offer.   


The artists I work with are able to create additional opportunities for their work to be seen and acquired.

As a former gallery owner and operator, I guide artists on how to interact and interface with galleries, curators and collectors with the primary goal of building their career.

Together let’s focus on your success, learn to more effectively market your work, build relationships with galleries, curators and collectors, and further your artistic goals.


Where do you fit in?

As the art world is changing daily, do you know where you fit in?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to find the right gallery for you and your work?
  • Do you feel stalled?
  • Do you feel confident speaking about your work?

The greatest pleasure I had running my gallery was helping and supporting artists develop their careers. Now I am able to pursue this full time. During my successful 25 years owning and operating a New York City gallery, it was evident to me that many artists were not prepared for the business aspects of their career. I realized that there was limited training or guidance for artists to identify the appropriate galleries for their work as well as how best to cultivate gallery relationships. In 2020 I founded The Creative Resource LLC and began working directly with artists to help them more effectively navigate the gallery world and develop the entrepreneurial and business skills to move their careers forward.

My clients have been able to increase exhibition opportunities, identify the right gallery representation, and more effectively manage gallery, curator and collector relationships.

There are times during your creative life when a little extra support can go a long way. If you think this might be one of those times for you, work with me to get your art career going!

To learn more please reach out to me with my contact form.


How I can help

I work with clients to:

  • understand the art marketplace and where you fit in
  • identify the appropriate gallery
  • approach and communicate effectively with galleries
  • manage studio visits more effectively
  • update websites to attract the attention of galleries, curators and collectors
  • use social media with intention
  • improve the artist statement
  • create a short pitch
  • find the right studio/life balance
  • overcome the inner critic
  • cultivate an email list that will improve exposure with galleries, curators and collectors
  • compose introduction emails to galleries and curators
  • write applications for residencies
  • find creative ways to promote work
  • network more effectively
  • and so much more


What people are saying

More often than not, another set of eyes and ears on important decisions, proposals, general art writing and approaches is critical.  Even more importantly, it’s the right set of eyes and ears that can set the tone of how one is perceived, which can then make a tremendous difference in guiding one’s career down a better path. From my experience, I am very happy to recommend the professionalism, expertise and consideration of Lesley Heller.  – V. K.

There is nothing like having an expert in your corner to steer you through the hurdles we face as artists. I feel fortunate to be working with Lesley because after so many years in the gallery business she is knowledgeable about how to support creative people.  She is a great listener and advisor and asks great questions before offering advice. Her approach is warm yet direct with information about goal setting and follow-though. Lesley has real life experience in the art world and shares that experience and uses her instincts to advise me on my plans and goals. — Carol S.

I love working with Lesley because she understands artists and can offer useful and actionable advice that is tailored to personal goals and circumstances. I look forward to our calls each month, as I know that I can count on her to really listen and offer both encouraging feedback and insightful real-world strategies. She helps me to prioritize, stay accountable to my intentions, build new relationships and keep the big picture in mind. No matter how I felt at the beginning of our call, I leave feeling motivated about my artistic goals! — Melanie F.