Nene Humphrey

The New York Times

March 20, 2009

NENE HUMPHREY; closes on Saturday. Nene Humphrey weaves together maps, textile designs, Victorian mourning art and diagrams of brain structures associated with anxiety and fear, in a series of fine-lined drawings, prints and sculptures done since the death of her husband, the artist Benny Andrews, in 2006. Order and chaos do battle here; the territory charted is both global (the textile patterns are inspired by Chinese embroidery) and microscopic. (Ms. Humphrey is artist in residence at a neuroscience laboratory at New York University.) Be sure to read the beautiful poem by Tom Sleigh that accompanies her prints. Lesley Heller Gallery, 16 East 77th Street, (212) 410-6120, (Cotter)



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Nene Humphrey