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September 7, 2011

Published: September 7, 2011

Welcome to the opening week of the art world's Fall 2011 season! It's almost like baseball! There are more NYC gallery openings this week than any one human being can keep track of, so ARTINFO's editors have thinned the crowd to a few favorites.



The ARTINFO Agenda: 11 Shows to Open the Fall Season, From Alex Katz to Sarah Crowner


From Loren Munk at Lesley Heller Workspace to Alex Katz at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, here's what's on this week's Agenda.




Loren Munk at Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard St., Opening Wednesday, September 7, 6 p.m.,

Loren Munk, the painter perhaps better known as his alter ego videographer and art scene commentatorJames Kalm, is returning with a show of his map-based paintings that document the rise and fall of art neighborhoods and communities. An old art-world hand, Munk's infographic-esque work has been steadily gaining in buzz in recent years, and this Lower East Side solo outing could very well be a tipping point for the artist.



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