Orchard St – Mapping, Anxiety & If You See Something…

Inspirational Lunch

September 8, 2011

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orchard St – Mapping, Anxiety & If You See Something…


Last night the Lower East Side was abuzz with gallery openings, and, despite the rainy weather, hipsters were spilling out onto the streets. Curious about when the LES became the go-to ‘hood for art galleries? Loren Munk is here to educate. His Location, Location, Location, Mapping the New York Art World, at Lesley Heller, is a quirky, skillful exploration and explanation of the history of the NYC art scene. Case in point: Village of the Damned 2004-2005 (below). As an added bonus, check out Munk’s website for his virtual tour series, The James Kalm Report, which is strangely engaging in its unpredictability and breadth of information.


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