Drew Shiflett


During the last decade, I have been working on wall pieces that I refer to as constructed drawings. The pieces are drawn, collaged reliefs that are layered from back to front and throughout the surfaces in a labor-intensive process reminiscent of weaving. Grids are used as underlying structures to explore compressed space and time.

The pieces are abstract in nature but reference architecture, textiles and landscape. A woven, translucent effect is created through handmade papers, fabric, watercolor, graphite, ink and Conte crayon. Thin strips of cut paper and fabric add depth and give the drawings their asymmetrical shapes. The physical forms of the pieces evolve simultaneously with the layered, drawn marks on the surfaces, merging together to form densely constructed collages that incorporate elements of drawing, sculpture and relief.

The work is the result of a cumulative process of layering and building linear and planar forms. There is a focus on line, light, and texture, as well as form, transition and perception.