Loren Munk




1951                 Born, Salt Lake City, Utah

1969-72Attended Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

1973-75Attended University of Maryland at Ramstein, Germany while in US Army

1979                 Attended Art Students League, New York


One Man Exhibitions

2011                 “New Year, New Work, New Faces” at Storefront Gallery, Brooklyn

                         “It’s All Good!!: Apocalypse Now” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn

                         “Paper 2011” at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn

                         “I Like the Art World and the Art World Likes Me” curated by Eric Doeringer at the

                         Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

                         “#TheSocialGraph: An Evolving Exploration of Social Media Art” curated by

                         Hrag    Vartanian at Outpost Gallery, Queens

                         "ABC123" curated by Janet Goleas at Eric Firestone Gallery East Hampton

                         New   York

                         "Williamsburg 2000" curated by Larry Walczak

                         "These are a Few of My Favorite Things" curated by Jerelyn Hanrahan at The           

                          End, Brooklyn

                         "Unfinished Paintings" curated by Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster at LACE,   

                         Los Angeles California.


2010                 "Becoming Modern in America" curated by Matthew Deleget at MINUS SPACE

                          Brooklyn N.Y.

                          Daniel Weinberg Gallery Los Angeles, California

2009                  Rupert Ravens Contemporary Art Newark New Jersey

2006                  Dam & Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2002                 American Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich

Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

                        Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany
2001                 M.J. Wewerka Galerie, Berlin

                        American Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich
2000                 American Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich
1998                  L'Antiquario, Sao Paulo, Brasil
1997                  Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art Ltd., New York
1996                  Caesaria Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
1995                  Amerika-Haus, Munich, Germany
1994                  BMW, Munich

                        Andre Zaire Gallery, New York
1992                 Galerie Svetlana & Hubner, Munich, Germany

                        Andre Zarre Gallery, New York
1991                 Krief Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Paris, France

                        Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
1989,90Galerie Svetlana, Munich, Germany
                          Leslie Cecil Gallery, New York

                          ARCA, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Marseille, France
1981                  J. Field Gallery, New York
1981,82,83/84,85,87  Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, New York


Selected Group Exhibitions

2011         "ABC123" curated by Janet Goleas at Eric Firestone Gallery East Hampton N.Y.

                  "6 Who Paint" curated by Fred Valentine at Big&Small/Casual, Long Island City N.Y.

                 "It's All Good: Apocalypse Now" curated by Richard Timperio, Side Show Gallery,

                  Brooklyn N.Y.

                 "I Like The Art World and The Art World Likes Me" curated by Eric Doeringer at the

                  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, New York 

                 "Paper 2011" at Janet Kurnatoski Gallery Brooklyn.

                 "NEW year NEW work NEW faces" curated by Jason Andrew and Deborah Brown at

                 Storefront Gallery.

                 "It's All Good" curated by Richard Timperio at Side Show Gallery Brooklyn.

2010        "Wall to Wall" Daniel Weinberg Gallery Los Angeles California.

                "The Social Graph" curated by Hrag Vartanian at The Outpost,Brooklyn.

                 "It's a Wonderful Life" curated by Richard Timperio at Side Show Gallery, Brooklyn.  

2009        "Year Five" at Janet Kurnatoski Gallery Brooklyn

                "Party at Chris's House" curated by Phong Bui at Janet Kurnatoski Gallery Brooklyn

2008        “Boson Exotic” Rupert Ravens Contemporary Art Gallery, Newark, N J

                “The Face” curated by Cathy Quinlin at the ‘temporary Museum of Painting, Brooklyn       

                “Peace” Side Show Gallery, Brooklyn NY

                “Shape Shifters: New York Painters” Curated by James Biederman, The A.D. Gallery,  

                The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Sideshow Gallery Brooklyn       

2007       “More Is More—Maximalist Tendencies in Recent American Painting” Florida State

               University Museum of Fine Arts, curated by Tatiana Flores

               “Continuum” The ‘temporary Museum of Painting, Brooklyn NY

               “War is Over Again” Side Show Gallery, Brooklyn NY

               “Radius” Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn NY

               “Sanctuary City” Rupert Ravens Contemporary Art Gallery, Newark, N J

               “The Blogger Show” Agni Gallery New York NY

               “The Face” The ‘temporary Museum of Painting, Brooklyn NY

2006      “SWAP” 06, Americana - Madrid, Arteveintuno Madrid, Spain

              Scope/New York, Dam Stuhltrager

              Fountain/ New York, Front Room

              Nova/ Chicago, Dam Stuhltrager

2005      “The Brooklyn Rail” Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York

               Scope/Miami, Dam Stuhltrager

2004      “30th Anniversary Exhibition 1974-2004”, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

              “Merry Peace," Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburgh

       The Color Imperative. Gallery: N3 Project Space, Brooklyn NY


            “Recent Works”, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

2003    "Brooklyn on 57th Street," Nohra Haime Gallery, New York

"Drawing Conclusions: Work by Artist-Critics," NY Arts Gallery, New York

2002    "Benefit," Bellweather Gallery, Williamsburgh

"Merry Peace," Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburgh

Sao Paulo Art Fair, Sao Paulo

2001    "Private Collection," ABN-AMRO Bank, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Basel Art Fair, American Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich

"Spokes and Rims," Connecticut Graphic Arts Center, Norwalk, curated by Tony Kirk

"City Rhythms", Pelham Art Center, New York; curated by Titia Hulst 2000

"6X1= Paintings", with LaNoue, Wofford, Rice Pereira; Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

"Helter Skelter Summer Swelter", Gallery @49, New York

"Duchamp Traveling Exhibition", Kurturbahnhof, Bremen; Emmanuel Heller Gallery, Tel Aviv; The Artists' Museum, Lodz

1999    "Familiar Strangers", Galapagos, Williamsburgh

"New New York Views: Recent Acquisitions", Museum of the City of New York

Community Art Benefit, Brooklyn Museum

NY2K, Charas/el Bohio, New York; curated by Rich Collichio, Tracy Zungola and Carlo McCormick

The Arts for Transit Poster Program, Bank Street College Exhibition Space, New York

1998    "Sourpusses", Abraham Lubdski Gallery, New York

1997     Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art at The Art Exchange Show, New York

1996     "Blue", 450 Broadway Gallery, New York

1993    "Through Thick & Thin", Andre Zarre Gallery, New York

1992    "Inaugural Exhibition", J. Claramunt Gallery, New York

"Prix de Peinture de Prinidpal de Monaco", Monaco

            Gallery Ruf, Munich

1991     "Objets d'Artistes", with DiRosa, Scharf, etc Galerie Krief, Paris

"Salon de Couvertes", Grand Palais, Paris,

1990    "Collectors (Albee, Dannheisser, Forbes, etc) Choice of Emerging Artists",Vered Gallery,

              East Hampton              

1998    "Chairman's Choice: A Miscellany of American Paintings" w/Hopper, Wyeth, etc. FORBES Magazine Galleries,NY,

"Diverse Expressionists", M-13 Gallery, New York

"Works on paper", with Basquiat, Condo, etc., Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, New York

1986     Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

FORUM, Zurich Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

"Selected Works From Our Gallery", Laurens A. Daane Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The Embellishment of the Statue of Liberty", with Rauschenberg, Warhol, etc. at Barneys, New York

"Formes et Coleurs", Galerie Pierre Huber, Geneva, Switzerland

"Freedom of Painting", organized by Galerie Paradis, Paris

1985    "La fin du Siecle c'est por domain", Galerie Yvon Lambert,  Paris

"Little Paintings", 51X Gallery, New York

"Picture Frame/Frame Picture", Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, New York

"New York, New Art", with Chia, Lichtenstein, Longo, Schnabel and others, ARCA, Marseille,France

"Kunst aus der Neue Welt", Gallery Svetlana, Munich, Germany

"Prelude to 1986", Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, New York

1984    DeRempich Gallery, New York

"Collaboration Show", with Basquiat, Borofsky, Longo, Salle, Winters and others, Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, NY 1983     51 -Xpressionism, 51 Gallery, New York 1979     Idaho Biennial, Boise Gallery of Art, Boise, Idaho



Independence Savings Bank Mural, Independence Building, Brooklyn, NY; 1995

"Street Life" Murals: Commissioned by BMW, Munich specifically for the introduction of the 316i; 1994

Wall Mural: 4 rue de la Gate, Montparnasse; Jury Selected, Mayor's Office Paris, France; 1993 Execution

Litfass Design: International Litfass Art Biennale, Munich, 1992, sponsored by BMW

Poster: Metropolitan Transit Authority Arts for Transit Neighborhood Poster Project; Jury Selected; 1992


Selected Public and Corporate Collections

Museum of the City of New York

Everson Museum, Syracuse, New York

The Port Authority of NY and NJ

Hood Museum of Art, Hanover, HN

Metropolitan Transit Authority, State of New York

Chase Manhattan Bank NA, New York

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Liberty Island, New York

Sony Music Entertainment Inc. New York

ARTLANTIS, Stuttgart

WRKS FM, New York

FORBES Magazine Collection, New York

C&C Vineyards, Belleville/Saone, France


Selected Private Collections

Vera List, New York

Mrs. Yitzhak Rabin, Jerusalem

William Speerstra, Monte Carlo

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rubell, NYC

Daniel Templon, Paris

Mr. and Mrs. Wemer Amhold, Grasse

George Waterman, New York

Amaury Taittinger, Paris

Pierre Huber, Geneva

Laurens Daane, Amsterdam

Tomas Wallin, Stockholm

Additional collections throughout the United States, South America and Europe


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