Will Hutnick


My work asks questions about impermanence and place by conjuring up queer landscapes. I am interested in the potentiality and futurity of queerness and use personal, found, and discarded objects to create rubbings because of their indexical nature, physicality, and allusions to topography. Some of these objects include: old milk crates from my late father’s car, my studio floor, an old bees’ nest, torn pieces of used tape from my studio walls, the heating vents in my home. The rubbings, in concert with camouflaged colors and awkward, shifting shapes, reveal an obscured network and environment that seems to exist beyond a prescribed normative trajectory. Through the use of self-similar forms and shapes, parallel lines, and rubbings from specific objects and places, my work explores how time and space - real, imagined, and/or queer - is constructed, navigated, and ultimately, a site of negotiation.