Enticing Luminosity curated by Olive Ayhens

March 16 through April 20, 2014
Opening reception: March 16, 2014, 6- 8pm

Enticing Luminosity curated by Olive Ayhens. Image #64

Gallery 2: Enticing Luminosity: curated by Olive Ayhens, presents thirteen artists who have a passion for, and are inspired by, the use of light. The artists selected reference fashion, current events, and architecture and work in a broad range of mediums including: sculpture, painting, video, and installation.

The glowing watercolors by Elisabeth Condon and Nancy Diamond act like conductors of light. While the quirky watercolors of Olive Ayhens evolve from a particular sense of place and the transformation of that environment.  Kathy Goodell manipulates optical phenomena to create sculptures that reflect the tension between matter and illusion as well as the environment around them. Wendy Edwards ties together the human form with the mandala creating a meditative glow while Jimmy Wright’s use of a heightened palette and bold, lively brushwork make his self portraits glow from within. Judith Linhares’ flower paintings capture light, reflection and transparency. Susan Whyne  paints environments that act as stage sets and explores the fragility of the human condition and the transitory aspects of life.  The videos of Heidi Kumao explore ordinary social interactions with strong psychological undercurrents.  Her recent film, “Available Light,” depicts the physical and psychological landscape of healing.  Art historical references, mythology and humor, act as an allegory of the human condition in the paintings of M. Louise Stanley andDonelle Estey.  Pamela Matsuda-Dunn’s sculptural columns display a rich use of materials, including cast iron, wire, and glass beads, which reflect light in unusual and surprising ways.Ezra Johnson works with animations which have wonderful rythym and timing. His colorful invented characters journey along through absurd dream like narratives with bright colors and flwoing forms.

The work included in Enticing Luminosity juxtaposes that with a luscious physicality, sensuousness and humor with works that are sober and disorienting dreamscapes.