Destructure, curated by Jonathan Melville Pratt

September 3 through October 12, 2014
Opening reception: September 7, 2014, 6-8 pm

Destructure, curated by Jonathan Melville Pratt . Image #71

Curatorial Statement:

this time... this art... this mind.. is shattering, 
splintering into something ever new. 
turning in and on a world that we've scarred
manipulated as we have evolved,
a world we now dismantle in all our fevered hurry...
these structures obsolete and bleeding as we push into some kind of newage,
making sense of the sewage swelling up around us. 

to begin this dark steering...  this dark flight... to build out a new vector previously unexplored in our still early evolution of hunger and predation..
we must ourselves from within and without teach and be taught 
to take apart our worlds, our things, our way of doing and seeing and try and refocus our vision to the path we are only now starting to see... And feel it's weight. 

Through this arduous and courageous destructuring of this paradigm, 
the taking apart and reworking of our former selves, 
we can slowly learn build and navigate the the transition ahead. 

These artists have each inspired me in their tireless practices, 
their playful and often irreverent observations, 
their seemingly endless inventive reinterpretations, 
and their unique and often revolutionary approach to form and aesthetic. 
They have themselves been broken down and been rebuilt by their discipline. 
Transformed by it, surviving through it... 

They exhibit an incredibly pleasing use and exploration of form, color, construction...
Always asking the questions "what next?" or "how much further can I take this?"
All the while in their radical and fearless questioning of the relevance of the mundane,
Shattering the mundane and exposing the subtle beauty in things commonly overlooked
or discarded, and proposing the possibility of a vast new array of viewpoints, a further 
shedding of what we thought this world and this life to be.