"Intricate Expanse" curated by Mario Naves

March 15 through April 19, 2015
Opening reception: March 15, 2015, 6-8pm

"Intricate Expanse" curated by Mario Naves . Image #79

Intricate Expanse features the work of six artists, each of whom creates encompassing compositions without sacrificing a distinct sense of their constituent parts.

Steve Currie, Laura Dodson, Karl Hartman, Tine Lundsfryd, Sangram Majumdar and Maritta Tapanainen don’t miss the proverbial forest for the trees, but embrace both simultaneously--to sometimes tenacious, often ruminative and, at odd moments, comic effect.

The notion of “expanse”, for these artists, includes the physical parameters of pictorial and sculptural space, as well as the sweep of imagery contained within them. “Intricacy” is embodied both through touch and vision, by attention paid to the particularities of surface and process, and the metaphorical allusions that are consequently set into motion.The resulting pieces unfold and disperse even as they are punctuated by a consistent sense of focus.
Mario Naves 2015

Steve Currie’s sculptures locate an unlikely and often quirky synthesis of Surrealist impulse and Minimalist rigor, combining handwrought delicacy with machine-tooled surfaces.

Tine Lundsfryd’s abstract canvases employ patterning, jewel-like faceting and a quietly stated symbolism in order to embody meditative, if not unquestioning, states of mind.

Channeling a decidedly American vein of realism--sober, yet not out of sync with the otherworldly--Karl Hartman creates paintings distinguished by their crystalline execution and uncanny quietude.

Maritta Tapanainen mines the rich history of collage to create intimate tableaux that encompass the microscopic and the macrocosmic, the balletic and the whimsical.

With a terse yet seductive touch, and an exacting eye for detail, the painter Sangram Majumdar achieves a tenuous detente between representation and abstraction.

Suffusing post-modernist strategies with symbolist import, Laura Dodson taps into the vagaries of memory with enigmatic narratives that seamlessly conflate the photographic and the painterly. ###