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Tony Ingrisano

January 8 through February 14, 2016
Opening reception: January 8, 2015, 6-8pm

Tony Ingrisano . Image #91

Lesley Heller Workspace presents a solo exhibition of multi-media works on paper by Tony Ingrisano. This will be Ingrisano’s second exhibition with the gallery and features all new large-scale works. An opening reception will take place on Friday, January 8th, from 6 to 8 PM, and the artist will be present.

Ingrisano’s practice draws inspiration from various infrastructure systems, from man-made power grids to naturally occurring river circuits. Ignoring their intended functionality, Ingrisano instead focuses on the beauty and rhythm found within their forms. Each work begins with a single mark, the starting point for what will become an intricate and elaborate, yet extemporaneous configuration of networks that entwine, unravel, and twist around each other, leading everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Layering ink, graphite, watercolor, and collaged elements, Ingrisano creates cohesive, singular works from a complex series of individual parts, often times cutting the work apart and reconstructing it into an entirely new and dynamic composition. 

The work presented in this exhibition furthers Ingrisano’s exploration of the aesthetic possibilities surrounding organizational systems by expanding into the theoretical. His interest lies specifically within geometric perspective and what a breakdown of the rules governing that perspective can add to the discourse about systems. Ingrisano approaches the idea of perspective as yet another example of a man-made system, one that exists solely in our minds, conceived as a way to understand and communicate the physical world that surrounds us.

Tony Ingrisano earned an MFA from Pratt Institute in 2008, where he was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Award, and a BFA from The University of Vermont in 2002. He is currently Assistant Professor of Painting at The Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio. Ingrisano’s work has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions, including the Islip Art Museum, NY, (2014); National Arts Club, NYC (2014); Kunsthalle Galapagos (2012), Brooklyn, NY; F.U.E.L. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2009); and Magnan Projects, NYC (2008).           


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