The Fabricated Drawing

March 26 through May 7, 2017
Opening reception: March 29, 2017, 6-8pm

Thefabricateddrawing installview01 300dpi
Thefabricateddrawing installview02 300dpi
Thefabricateddrawing installview03 300dpi
Thefabricateddrawing installview04 300dpi
Robinhill micamound 2017 300dpi
Joeamrhein kindling1 2017 web
Sharonlouden hedge 2017 view01
Sharonlouden hedge 2017 detail
Cathy stone untitled 2 framed
Cathy stone untitled 3 framed
Cathy stone untitled 5 framed
Cathy stone untitled 8 framed
Juliacouzens wintertailingsno1 2017 300dpi
Juliacouzens wintertailingsno2 2017 300dpi
Juliacouzens wintertailingsno3 2017 300dpi

The Fabricated Drawing 
Curated by Robin Hill

The Fabricated Drawing is an exhibition of small works by Joe Amrhein, Julia Couzens, Robin Hill, Sharon Louden and Cathy Stone which explores drawing as a labor-intensive process that invites a variety of mark-making actions and serves to document an experience or impulse in real time. This process is emphasized through each artists’ unique methods and experimental workings of materials.

The outcomes are architectural, textual, obsessive, complex, and yet subtle — showing drawing as an act of both fabrication and as a process of documentation.

Joe Amrhein’s three-dimensional piece layers words rendered in a text referencing sign painting and features words associated with traditionally undesirable character traits. The text suggests a scale to the work larger than its presence and fact that they are painted on an arrangement of sticks titled Kindling, infers an act of that is yet to come. The materials offer a contextual metaphor from which the text builds a narrative.

Julia Couzens’ tape on vellum drawings conjure linear rhythms and visual sequences evoking natures’ architecture. These drawings form a visual haiku. The graphic points, dashes, curls, and shapes make up a personal Morse code Couzens uses to convey the feats of nature’s essential infrastructure.

Robin Hill’s work focuses on the intersection between drawing, photography, and sculpture. Pattern and repetition are core principles in her drawings and help dictate the geometric possibilities in the work. A residency in India led her to create intricate mandala like collages as a way of expressing the beauty and spirit she witnessed there.

Sharon Louden’s relief drawing utilizes tent hooks as gestures that create a drawing in space. The materials evolve something akin to the feeling of raw anxiety, creating a visual vocabulary of movement in space arising from the hooks placement as a group entity.

Cathy Stone’s drawings emanate from the concept of accumulation. Tethered by line, the works explore and express the process of gathering marks to create form. The nest or womb like manifestations reference scale and economy in presentation allowing each work to exist, exploring itself, while acknowledging the articulation of the other works presented.