Gardens on Orchard

July 12 through August 18, 2017
Opening reception: July 12, 2017, 6-8pm

Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview03 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview04 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview06 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview05 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview01 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview02 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview09 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview10 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview17 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview15 300dpi
Gardensonorchard 2017 installationview16 300dpi
Sarasosnowy hydrangea 2010 11 installview 300dpi copy
Sarasosnowy hydrangea 2010 11
Sosnowy hydrangea detail cropped
Jimosman diamondbench 2017 view01 300dpi
Jimosman diamondbench 2017 view02 300dpi
Kkkozik pushpin 37x46
Danielwiener baffled 2016
Judithlinhares greenvase 2006 22x26
Judithlinhares summer 2012 22x26
Fsiegel apparatus4 2015 framed 300dpi
Fsiegel apparatus5 2015 framed 300dpi
Fsiegel apparatus6 2015 framed 300dpi
Elisabethcondon thesmallestbloomasourceofjoy 2017 300dpi
Cyrillamozenter 4 liking counting 2017
Judithlinhares kitty 2000 24x48
Katiasantibanez apermanentspace 2016 20x20 gouacheonpaper
Sarasosnowy hangingflowers horizontal 2015 300dpi
Sarasosnowy hangingflowers horizontal 2015 sideview 300dpi
Sarasosnowy hanging flowers %28red%29 2015 300dpi
Sarasosnowy hanging flowers %28red%29 2015 sideview 300dpi
Sarasosnowy hanging flowers %28red%29 2015 sideviewdetail 300dpi
Katiasantibanez anidealplace 2016 17x14 gouacheonpaper
Danielwiener ifeltafuneralinmybrain 2017
Naotonakagawa fallenangel ii 2016 300dpi
Nataliefrank inthegarden 2017
Kenbuhler ladysbedstraw 2017
Elizabetgregory gruen cobaltmiror out 72dpi 8x10
Elizabethgregory gruen cobaltmirror in 72dpi 8x10
Kenbuhler wakerobin 2017
Katherinenewbegin pool
Catherinehowe micapainting sweetpea 2016 300dpi copy
Catherinehowemicapaintng iris  2016 300dpi copy
Paulcampbell brooklyn hybrid  18a
Paulcampbell brooklyn hybrid  24a
Paulcampbell brooklyn hybrid  26a
Paulcampbell brooklyn hybrid 1b
Paulcampbellbrooklyn hybrid blue drape 48x60
Judithlinhares frog 2006 26x33.5


Six galleries on Orchard Street are teaming up this summer to present exhibitions exploring the theme: Gardens on Orchard.

Historic Orchard Street, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, was once a literal orchard and garden belonging to James De Lancey during the Revolutionary War.  By the mid 1800s the property was divided up, making way for immigrant housing, pushcarts and storefront businesses. Gardens on Orchard looks back at the origins of the street as a productive outdoor space and captures the streets’ history, energy and spirit.

Gardens on Orchard at Lesley Heller brings viewers back in time to Orchard Street as a garden space, presenting a group show of garden and outdoor themed works spanning painting, sculpture and photography.

Artists in the exhibition are:  Ken Buhler, Paul Campbell, Elisabeth Condon, Natalie Frank, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Catherine Howe, KK Kozik, Judith Linhares, Cyrilla Mozenter, Naoto Nakagawa, Katherine Newbegin, Jim Osman, Katia Santibañez, Fran Siegel, Sara Sosnowy, Daniel Wiener.


Participating galleries are: Foley Gallery, Lesley Heller, McKenzie Fine Art, Muriel Guépin, Pablo’s Birthday and Shin Gallery.  All galleries will have receptions on Wednesday, July 12, 6-8pm.



For more information or to request images, email or call