"Misrepresentation" Closing Sunday

February 5 through March 9, 2014
Opening reception: February 5, 2014, 6-8pm

"Misrepresentation" Closing Sunday. Image #62


 "Misrepresentation" is an exhibition of eleven artists who fabricate unreal worlds in a story like manner with imagery that often is mystifying and anecdotal, similar to a writer of fiction. Nick Ghiz builds his pictures obsessively, stroke by tiny stroke, until he arrives at an intimate interior scene that is recognizable but not quite possible. Alex McQuilkin and Andy Mister are masters of draftsmanship who present the viewer with sensational and lurid pictures drawn from popular sources. Judy Mannarino’s  paintings dissect the female portrait, frequently using parts of two or more faces within the same head. Tracy Zungola and  Edie Nadelhaft's art comes out of classic oil painting but Zungola’s pictures are often darkly emotional portrayals of animals and humans. Nadelhaft takes a magnifying glass to nature presenting an intensely edited, enigmatic scene. Architecture and fine art are combined by Mila Dau, presenting us with her subjective views of the exhibition rooms of international museums. Leslie Kerby's pictures are impressionistic vignettes of human interaction, both painted and printed. The dream like quality of Penine Hart’s paintings come from deep in her subconscious and evolve into mysterious pictures, appearing completely unplanned. Friese Undine is an historian whose amusing pictures unexpectedly combine various historical eras, using an original process of ink and enamel on aluminum. Old photographs and antiquated ticker tape are used by Henry Chung to create his pictures, which are strangely imbued with emotion. All of the artists employ elements of storytelling and misrepresentation, inviting the viewer into the new narrative they have created.