July 12 through August 17, 2018
Opening reception: July 12, 2018, 6–8pm

Tonyingrisano schipol 2017 300dpi copy
Tonyingrisano constellations2 2018 300dpi
Cyrillamozenter mywhy2 2018
Fsiegel apparatus6 2015 framed 300dpi
Fsiegel apparatus7 2015 framed 300dpi
Fsiegel apparatus4 2015 framed 300dpi
Nicoleawai vista3 2013 300dpi
Kenbuhler cosmos 2017 framed 300dpi
Elisabethcondon sentinels 2018
Elisabethcondon cave 2018
Elisabethcondon waterseekslowestpoint 2018
Helenoleary homeisaforeigncountry 18 2018 300dpi
Nenehumphrey slowspin frame 3 06 2017 framed 300dpi
Nenehumphrey slowspin frame 8 28 37 2017 framed 300dpi
Nenehumphrey slowspin frame 3 04 2017 framed 300dpi
Drewshiflett untitled 81 2018 web
Katherinenewbegin bambooforest kyoto japan 2018 web
Katherinenewbegin thegates kyoto japan 2018 web.jpg
Donnadennis nightdockandstars 2016
Cullenwashingtonjr odmatter6 2016 300dpi
Drewshiflett untitled 63 2011 framed 300dpi
Keishascarville untitledstilllife6 frommamasclothesseries 2018
Lotharosterburg zion homestead
Cullenwashingtonjr odmatters1e 2015 framed 300dpi
Cyrillamozenter tinas ta 2016
Donnadennis dock 2016
Elisabethcondon ecstaticlandscape 2018
Elisabethcondon ecstaticlandscape 2018
Helenoleary homeisaforeigncountry 10 2018 300dpi
Helenoleary theshelflifeofwrong 2015 upright 300dpi
Kenbuhler fieldforest 7 2018
Kenbuhler fieldforest 8 2018
Kenbuhler fieldforest 9 2018
Lotharosterburg brooklynbridge 2006
Monikazarzeczna deadserious 2017 300dpi
Monikazarzeczna themthickblue 2018
Monikazarzeczna waltz 2016 300dpi
Danamelamed engine5.2 2016
Jimosman scentofthepines 2018 view01
Jimosman scentofthepines 2018 view02
Delanodunn thesedreamsofhisaddtoyourconfusion 2018
Tomkotik compositioninred 2018
Elisabethcondon figment9 2009 framed 300dpi copy

July 12 – August 17, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12, 6–8pm – in conjunction with the LES Gallery Late Night

Nicole Awai, Ken Buhler, Elisabeth Condon, Donna Dennis, Delano Dunn, Nene Humphrey, Tony Ingrisano, Tom Kotik, Dana Melamed, Cyrilla Mozenter, Katherine Newbegin, Helen O’Leary, Jim Osman, Lothar Osterburg, Tom Pnini, Keisha Scarville, Drew Shiflett, Fran Siegel, Sara Sosnowy, John Torreano, Cullen Washington Jr, Daniel Wiener, Monika Zarzeczna


Lesley Heller Gallery is pleased to present Picnic, a group exhibition featuring a smorgasbord of work representing our full roster of gallery artists. The show offers a sampling of the gallery’s program, with artworks by 23 artists in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, and works on paper.

Picnic offers the chance for gallery goers get an overview of the entire gallery program, which has been historically focused on process-based artists—where the presence of the artists’ hand and the actions used to create their work play a large role in the finished piece. To encourage this understanding of our program, we will be exchanging some of the artworks each week during the show. The artists will stay the same, but the works representing them may change, so be sure to come back more than once during the month long exhibition to get a full tasting of each artist.