Clouds, organized by Adam Simon

December 15 through January 26, 2013
Opening reception: December 15, 2013, 6- 8 pm

Clouds, organized by Adam Simon . Image #60

Tell me, you enigmatic man, whom do you love the most? Your father, your

mother, your sister or your brother? 

— I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother. 

Your friends? 

— You’re using a word whose meaning remains yet unknown to me. 

Your homeland? 

— I ignore even the latitude where it is situated.


— I would be happy to love her, goddess-like and immortal. 


— I hate gold like you hate God. 

Well then, what do you love, extraordinary stranger ? 

— I love the clouds… the clouds that pass… down there… over there… the

marvelous clouds! 

"The Stranger" by Charles Baudelaire

 from Le Spleen de Paris

Translated by Paul D’Agostino


Michele Araujo                            Valerie Hegarty                          Zach Rockhill 

John Baber                                    Lisa Hein                                 Hanneline Røgeberg

Perry Bard                                    Eric Heist                                   Bob Seng

David Brody                                 Elana Herzog                            Ward Shelley

Deborah Brown                            Brece Honeycutt                        Lisa Sigal 

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Caroline Cox                                Byron Kim                                 Adam Simon

Paul D’Agostino                         Greg Kwiatek                             Tim Spelios

Nuno de Campos                        Kerry Law                                  William Stone

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Joy Episalla                                  Thomas Micchelli                      Jude Tallichet

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Munro Galloway                           Laura Newman                            Daniel Wiener

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Ben Godward                              Liza Phillips

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